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Image Colour Transfer  

This web application allows the colour of one photo image to be modified to match the colour of another image.

Image Filter Extension Kit for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  

PetaPixel described the filters thus:- "These free Photoshop enhanced filters put the default ones to shame."   (Link)

GitHub Repositories  

Useful source code and background information on image colour transfer methods.

Adaptive Recolouring  

Watch this space!

Excel links    

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Legacy Software

Spreadsheet Composer  

This Excel add-in is a powerful and totally original spreadsheet freeware productivity tool which can automatically compile complex spreadsheet formulae from a series of simple spreadsheet operations.


This entertaining sotware can teach you one of life's essential skills. It can teach you how to talk backwards.

Electronic Scrimshaw  

This graphics facility is a freeware program that was previously sold as shareware. It can generate weird and wonderful graphics displays and patterns.

PrintPlot for the Sharp MZ80K  

This is prehistoric software. The program, which runs under Sharp Basic on a Sharp MZ80K is one of the first, if not the first, WSIWYG graphics program for a home computer.

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